McRae Enduro MC-4 RS


McRae Enduro MC-4 RS 2012 specification


Tubular chassis with lower front and rear sub frames

Composit lightweight bodywork

Heated front windscreen


Alloy BMW 3 Litre Hybrid Turbo Diesel

Piezo fuel injection system Rica ECU controlled

Optional power curve up to 300 Bhp / 700 Nm


7 inch vehicle monitoring display with head-up function

Full power module controlled power balancing control system

Cooling systems:

Oil cooler

Mid-chassis-placed cooling pack

Forced controlled intercooling system

Gear and transfer box cooling

Power steering cooling


Sadev SC90-24 6 speed sequential gear/transfer box

Ricardo rear differential with full lock option

GKN Motorsport M300 drive shafts


Reiger Suspension including corner control

Quadrant similar uprights

Alcon callipers, controlled by paddle box

Fuel system:

Fia approved 235 Litre fuel cell

Redundant fuel pre pumps


Minimum Fia weight

3 spare tyres

Emergency jack

Sparco interior

Reiger hydraulic jacking system

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